Caden       Harris

"Financial Literacy For a Kid by a Kid"

" Tools for Parents and Educators"


Caden Harris




The Young Leaders Financial Academy presents a course that will give your kids a headstart on learning financial literacy. Within this course your kids will learn skilled task to earn money and a long term plan for saving money and how to budget. There are  Free downloadable worksheets and a kid friendly financial plan. 

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This activity book will teach kids important life lesson like,  how to write a check, write deposit slips and also fun word searches  fill in the blank and coloring pages on young enterprenuers. One of the best parts is the other kid business owners introduced by Caden. Click the book and watch the video to take a peek inside of the activity book on finance.



Are you a kid or adult who has been told that you can’t do something in life?
This book is designed to give you the tenacity to overcome the naysayers.
In this book you will read my story of triumph and how things lined up in my favor. There were two people I came across that have told me that I can't do something. This book tells those stories and how I persevered afterwards. 



Here are a few videos to help you get to the know the company and CEO better.


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